burnout. is a game about burnout, depression, and the others. When you’re depressed, there are things people say that hurt more than they help, no matter the intention.
In this game, you’re running through every day hoping to get to the end of it. But your fatigue is limited, and each day it will get worse. If your fatigue reaches 3h, it’s game over. If you make it through 30 days, it’s a less bitter game over.
Platforms are text messages you receive during the day. They might be completely neutral (you don’t care), good for you (your fatigue doesn’t lower), or bad (your fatigue goes down faster).
Once your fatigue runs out, it’s the end of the day, and the next one starts. Until you either run out of power or patience.
Made for LD39 in 48h with Unity3D. Music done on LSDJ, SFX on sfxr. Art scribbled in Photoshop CC2017.

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