Graphonemo is a project brought forward by french company MagikEduk. It aims at teaching french reading and writing with a novel method using video games.
The project is government backed, with the idea being to be able to detect soon enough students with learning disabilities so that they can be accompanied throughout their scholarship.
The game plays like an adventure game intertwined with very precise french language exercises, where many factors come into play to determine how a child is doing. The main demographic is around 5 to 7 years old and can be followed by teachers in class but also by parents wishing to try out a fun way to learn french or get better at it.
Between each exercise, the child can explore different levels in search of hidden items in 6 wonderful environments hand crafted by Loguy. The sound work, done internally, is amazing, with more than 2000 french words recorded for the exercises, but also dialogue and custom sound effects.
Freelancer gamedev for MagikEduk from 2018 to 2020
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