You are a space fight pilot or some shit like that and there’s tons of weird agressive robots flying down on you, so you just, like, shoot them and stuff, and you get score, and then they can drop bonuses which give you more score, more power or a shitton more bullets, or maybe all of them at the same time, and then at some score points bosses are gonna pop, they’re harder to beat and they give big score.
The original version on Windows Phone was tilt/touch based with autoshoot and very simple scoring system. XY version used a virtual joystick and buttons and allowed horizontal and vertical movement, hence the name pun. It also had buyable upgrades and online scoring.
Originally it was a hackathon joke on Windows Phone. Later on, I decided to port the game to Windows 8 to learn monogame. But I wanted to go further, so I added a bit more gameplay, upgrades, complex touch controls, responsive design, cloud storage and UX.
Cannot be played anymore due to market issues.

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