A mix of platforming and puzzle : you control a robot that needs to activate a generator somewhere in a grid based map. The robot moves on its own, to control it, you have to modify the level. To do this, you can change any block of the map with special blocks that can create walls, bridges, elevators, crumble under the robot’s feet, inverse gravity, etc… Much like in Lemmings, your role is to make sure the robot doesn’t break down on its path to the end. The blocks you can use depend on the level, and the fun part is to get 3 stars that are dispersed in the level. The gameplay then consists in finding the correct path which is the one we used to build the level design for each screen.​​​​​​​
We’re set in a distant future where humanity has gone very hungry on resources on an interstellar level. One scientist, Dr. Ekha (pun totally intended) created Atmos, a two step device which consists of a teraform generator to fix the atmospheres humanity destroyed and a robot that activates it. Atmos goes from planet to planet through 21 levels each that get harder and introduce regularly new blocks and fun gameplay.
Added fun : we built a level editor directly into the game so that players could create their own levels and share them with the world. The original 100+ levels were made with this editor
This is originally a Microsoft Imagine Cup project, from the 2012 edition in Windows Phone Game Design. It actually won 2nd place in its worldwide category, so this is nice.
Arthur Pernel : level design, game design, business
Julien Gossins : engine, tools, and gameplay dev
Timothée Graveline : graphics and communication
Julien Noble: tech art, tools and gameplay dev, bgm/sfx
The original game was built on XNA for Windows Phone and later ported to Marmalade and Monogame for Android, iOS and Windows 8. 

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